A HCES Teacher In Focus – Tenorlie James

Tenorlie James is thinking in a new direction these days

It all began when she attended Teacher Training for Helene Christian English School in 2010, the year she recalls visiting the Northside church. “God was working in my heart. "A few mentioned to me that MEI was getting ready to have their teacher training for three weeks. I decided to give it a try.” So she did.

She remembered as a child telling her mom that if she would become anything when she grew up, it would be a teacher. She would “play school’ with the children as the students in her community of Bentley Bay on the west end of Helene.

“After three weeks of training I knew I was thinking different. I had done things in teacher training that I had only dreamed of and learned so many new things. I continued to think thoughts I had never had before about me and education.” Tenorlie was hired as a teacher assistant in the Pre-Kindergarten class that year. The next year she was the lead teacher in the class. She has been teaching Kindergarten for the last two years. Most of her class graduate to first grade already reading at a beginner level, an exception in HCES history.

Continuing to Grow

Tenorlie is motivated to pursue professional education on a higher level. “My heart has been challenged to get more training to teach. I decided to go for it. I now attend classes through the education system of Honduras. On Friday and Saturday I attend classes in Roatan (which means she travels from Helene to Roatan every weekend). My desire is to become a graduated teacher. Why? Because I want to make a difference in my community. I want to help the children of Helene even after I get my degree, and I plan to teach in Helene. This is my home, and this is where I want to be.”

Tenorlie and her husband Israel live in the community of Bentley Bay on the west end of Helene. He dives and sells lobster to local suppliers. They have two children, eight year old Isabelle, and three year old Eaton.

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