Community Development In Action – Micro Business Loans

One of the other areas MEI serves the Helene community is with the new MEI Micro Business Loan program.

Our first loan, with funds of $1,500. supplied by Crosstown Church, another MEI partner organization, was issued to Elbert Rich, affectionally nicknamed, Bye Bye. He purchased a diesel engine for his boat and repaired his boat, as well as built an ice box to fit his boat to store fish as he caught them.

This has been the first month Bye Bye has been able to work with his repaired boat. He has moved freight for others, fished commercially and delivered sand/gravel for others to make concrete. This month he was able to make his first payment on the loan of $50.00 US dollars and now has full independence for earning funds to feed his family. Bye Bye also assists MEI with various key tasks related to our buildings, our visiting STM teams and the community. Larry asked him how hard it was to pay back the $50.00 to MEI and he responded “I barely felt it.” Poverty is a broken relationship to God, self, others and the rest of creation.

Bye Bye has a good relationship to God and he is also a local pastor. He had lost connection to himself because of not being able to provide for his family. He has connected with others in his community by serving them through his business. Bye Bye has rightly seen how to use the resources around him to create a business. These days he is again full of smiles.

Thank you for making a difference in this person’s life.

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