Community Development In Action

One of the many areas MEI serves the Helene community is by providing expertise and resources for their community development.

One such example is with the current project to build a much needed pier to support local business development.

The regional government offered Helene the funds to build a solid concrete pier, if they could supply the access land for the pier. The Helene city government, Helene Progressive Movement (HPM), working with MEI, were able to secure a loan of $4,000. from St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, a MEI partner organization, for the purchase of this property. This loan has been given to HPM and the land has been purchased. HPM has already made their first loan payment in September.

All approvals for the new dock are completed. Last week three construction company representatives, along with the mayor visited the site where the dock is going to be built. They came for the purpose to submit quotes on building the dock that are due no later than October 9th. Construction to begin in 2016.

The faithfulness of St. Stephens Church and assistance in this situation has been awesome. God is greatly at work in our midst.

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