Community Empowering Gifts – New Dental Chair

As we continue to assist the Helene community with their community development, we have been asked to provide a current list of empowering specific gifts.

We have added this list to our Special Projects website page, now entitled: Special Projects and Gifts. On this page, you can review these gifts, as well as make the matching donation.

Great News. As this list was being prepared, a God inspired donation was made for a new Dental Chair System (which includes the dental assistant chair). This chair will replace the original chair, which is now over 12 years old. This chair is specifically manufactured for Central America and its environments. The dental chair foundation and structure are made up of solid cast iron with anticorrosive treatment with high impact polystyrene coding. The headrest is anatomically double-articulated to accommodate patients of different heights, and removable and reversible for patients in wheelchairs.

Since technology has made great strides in the last 12 years, this chair provides many more features and options than the current dental chair, such as a built-in ultrasonic scaler, for the cleaning of plague.

The current list of empowering gifts is:

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