General Update – April 2015

The Mission Encounters International (MEI) team has recently returned

After three months in the states for renewal and continued sharing about the people of Helene and MEI’s growing ministry. In 2014, we saw God accomplish so many things.

This year seems to be starting up the same way. Already there are new ideas to make a living on Helene, such as developing a lobster farm, farming crops, and transportation of goods to and from the island. The island seems more prosperous than when we left three months ago. People are adjusting to the new presence of the local law enforcement and for the first time in many years, people are talking about how to invest in Helene, with their investments now protected by local law.

We are currently remodeling a new boat, adding more electrical power and with the assistance of the Crosstown Church Short Term Mission team, visiting last month, a new school curriculum was prepared and the building of a much needed new school classroom was started. In addition, the Crosstown team laid a 15' by 20' concrete pad for the planned incinerator. All makes for a better opportunity for the people of Helene to continue to move forward under the leadership of Ted Thomas and the Helene Progressive Movement (the local city government).

Jesus has been the answer to the cry of our hearts for Helene.

You have played a large part in what God has accomplished. We now see through all the suffering and heart aches of Helene. Jesus is bringing a true spirit of rejoicing to the people.

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