Helene Christian English School – Another hope-filled year

For the past 14 years, Mission Encounters International (MEI) has provided the only English speaking school (Grades K to 6th) on the island of Helene, Honduras.

In the early years of the Helene mission, the islanders requested an English speaking school for their children, mainly because English is the primary language for Helene.

As part of the community development over the years, the Helene Christian English School (HCES) has moved from 100% MEI funding to a 35% funding partnership with the parents of students for the tuition expense, which pays for teacher salaries. MEI also provides facilities, operating expenses, materials, one new curriculum each school year and annual teacher training.

With your past generous donations, you have helped create success in these children’s lives, “a future and a hope” as the Lord desires (Jeremiah 29:11). Not just in the academics, but godly character building. MEI is honored to partner with your support and be a part of Helene’s community commitment to their children’s education.

Joyfully, enrollment this year is surpassing our record attendance from last year, with an initial enrollment of 111 students, with a corresponding 2017 MEI budgeted expense of $15,000. We are asking you to prayerfully consider supporting our HCES Ministry or increasing your current HCES donation. As a guideline, for $200 a year, you can co-sponsor a child to have a better life through education.

For an informational video on the school, please visit our ministries website page - Helene Christian English School.

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