Helene Christian English School – Teacher Training for Another Hope Fulfilling Year


For one jam-packed week, Teacher Training 2017 involved two enthusiastic teams this year. One team was the teaching staff of Helene Christian English School (HCES). Most of these teachers have experience from 3 to 10 years in the English school. The other team was from the United States led by Emily Frey with four ladies who gave their week to help with the training. For five days the teachers were students again, working on assignments, role-play situations and sharing ideas.

This year every teacher has been assigned a “new” classroom! This rearrangement will allow our teachers to expand their expertise in a different grade level and develop confidence in new areas. It will give us a fresh look for this new year. One of our former students will be a teacher assistant. What an inspiring moment to have one of our graduates return to give his best. We continue to hear of students' success as they continue their education beyond the required sixth grade. English school has been a part of their achievement.

Mission Encounters continues to sponsor Teacher Training each year because of the donations you graciously provided. Thank you.

Please help support our students with funding some of their education

For the past 14 years, Mission Encounters International (MEI) has provided the only English speaking school (Grades K to 6th) on the island of Helene, Honduras. As part of the community development over these years, HCES has moved from 100% MEI funding to a 35% funding partnership with the parents of students for the tuition expense, which pays for teacher salaries. MEI also provides facilities, operating expenses, materials, one new curriculum each school year and annual teacher training.

Enrollment this year is reaching our record of last year’s 107 students, with a corresponding 2017 MEI budgeted expense of $15,000. We are asking you to prayerfully consider supporting our HCES Ministry or increasing your current HCES donation. As a guideline, for $200 a year, you can co-sponsor a child to have a better life through education.

“For I Know The Plans I Have For You,” Declares The Lord, Plans To Prosper You, Not To Harm You, To Give You A Hope And A Future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

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