Helene Community Development Update – Construction of our public dock has begun

June 17, 2016, will be a hard day for Helene to forget.

Around 9:00am a large barge and crane entered the waters around Helene. One of our own, Horman, was called in to supervise the docking of the barge. The community stood in amazement as the barge and crane anchored on the shores of Helene, just to the west of our MEI dock. That night, the community celebrated with a festive party. The excitement is unbelievable as we get ready to watch a dock being built by local people and experts from the mainland. The support beams are so large, 60 feet long, with a 30” blocked beam.

Three years of work and persistence has paid off, and we stand in a new phase and possibly a new day with Helene.

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