Helping Paws Across Borders Visits Helene

Helping Paws Across Borders recently visited our Helene community to provide compassionate care for our local animals. These pictures are from their hospital operation and performance of their excellent caring services while at our Helene clinic. Our sincere appreciation to their great volunteer team for their time, professional services and caring natures.

Helping Paws Across Borders- Volunteer Veterinary Professionals

Brief Summary: Helping Paws Across Borders is a non-profit US based organization with a small group of animal professionals dedicated to making a difference. We have decided that we can no longer look away from the horrific conditions companion animals are living in across our borders and at home. We all are involved here in the United States with animal shelter projects. We have the education, compassion and medical backgrounds to achieve our goals of companion animal sterilization. Hopefully you will see fit to help us on our journey.

Mission: To bring Animal Humane services to desolate areas in different countries at no cost to the local people. To make a positive difference in the lives of unwanted and abused animals through compassionate care, rescue and medical intervention. We believe that through education and sterilization we can help stop the neglect!

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