MEI is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member – Mike Duncan

We are pleased to announce Mike Duncan has joined the Mission Encounters International team.


Mike will be using his experience, skills, and passion to serve as MEI's Social Media Coordinator.

Mike considers himself an old-school techie, and vows to never retire. His interest in technology led him to serve in the Navy as an avionics technician, working on board an aircraft-carrier. While testing and repairing airplane black boxes, he became fascinated with computers and programming, and has been a computer guy ever since.

Today, he keeps electronics as a hobby, but has traded-in his soldering iron for a computer graphics workstation. He is currently a freelance creative in the field of digital media, and is located in Memphis, TN.

The work of Larry, Sheila, and the MEI Team was the inspiration for Mike to seek involvement in mission work.

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The MEI board and team members sincerely appreciate your continued support and encouragement for our ministry and ministry programs.

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