Merry Christmas Message

Dear MEI Friends and Family,

We are so thankful to finally be at home with family. It is hard to express how much we miss our family when away, and the expectations we feel as we wait to see them when we arrive. Those first few moments of our arrival never goes as planned. We see their faces, and all we want to do is to hold on to one another. All the words we were going to express have passed away into moments of emotions. We are home hugging our children and grandchildren. It is hard to see or think about anything else.

It helps me understand the pain and expectation of waiting for our Savior to be born. The words of the day were not enough to capture the emotional highlight of our Savior's birth. The angels broke out in chorus, and a bright star showed the shepherds the way to the baby lying in a manger. The wise men took a different direction and spoke to a king about the birth of our Savior. All of this was happening at one time in the lives of different people. It was amazing. It was an O Holy Night, and a Joy to the World. It is just too much to express in words. Therefore, all creation broke out in celebration.

As I completed a purchase in Florida recently, a clerk leaned over to my ear and said, "I learned something this morning. The word Christmas starts off with the word Christ, and Mas means a celebration, so Christmas is the celebration of Christ.” I smiled to encourage his boldness in this politically correct world. We both knew in that moment we shared Christmas, and then we said, “God Bless you.” I left the purchasing line warmed in my heart. “Let the celebration begin!” Words are not enough to express the celebration.

Larry Benson
Executive Director
Mission Encounters International

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