Medical Missions

imageBeing Hands of Healing to Those in Need

“Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?'” - Matthew 25:44

What if the closest doctor to you was a boat ride and then a car ride away?

Two hours until someone can help with your emergency. This used to be the problem on the island of Helene. Mission Encounters, in association with Municipality of Santos Quadiolas, operates the only medical and dental clinics to help the locals with any physical ailments, as well as provide other related medical services.

Every two weeks, we are blessed with the day visit of Honduran government supplied doctor and dentist from the neighboring island of Roatan to administer to the community. The doctor is assisted by a local Helene medical trainee, who was trained by the MEI team. In addition in assisting with the caseload during the doctor's and dentist's visits, she also manages the medical record and medical supplies.

Our full service medical clinic can handle most of the medical needs on the island of Helene. We are able to patch people up for most of the island’s general, and sometimes, emergency medical needs, including; bruises, island diseases, fevers, stitches and many more surprises. The clinic itself is very impressive, with a full pharmacy, oxygen equipment, and complete patient records.

Sadly sometimes there are medical emergencies on the island that are too major for the clinic’s abilities. When these cases arrive, we will take the patient down island to the hospital and if necessary, MEI will assist with financial support.

In addition, MEI hosts a full dental clinic, which is available for dentists, and those who may accompany them who are completing their dental training, to use when providing their much needed expertise to the people of Helene.

For people interested in helping with the clinics, here are some common questions:

What medical experience do I need?

The clinic can utilize anyone in the medical/dental field. Those currently studying or have completed their studies to be doctors, nurses, EMT’s, or dentists are well equipped.

How do I get involved?- Two options:

1. You can be involved in the clinic when you participate in a Short-Term Mission trip.

2. Are looking for a longer term? 90 days or longer, we ask to join us for a Discipleship Encounter which prepares you for long-term mission engagement.

How can I help support the clinics?

With your compassionate gift today, you can partner with our community and clinics in providing the blessing of a good quality of life.

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