Short-Term Mission Trip – A Family Experience

MEI and the Helene community were excited and blessed

MEI and the Helene community were excited and blessed with the week long visit of Dr. Todd Taylor and his family in July. They have been frequent annual visitors since 2012, when Dr. Todd and his family completed a MEI Discipleship Encounter. Dr. Todd and his family are always warmly received by the community.

Dr. Todd works with MEI on a continual basis to improve our medical facilities and provide assistance to the community’s medical needs. During their week long visit, Dr. Todd spent most of his time serving in the medical clinic, while with his wife Karen assisted in our Helene Christian English School (HCES) and completed many building maintenance projects. Not to be out done by their parents, Sam, their 15 year old son assisted Larry around the buildings, with such tasks as building windows for the new school classroom. While Anna, their youngest daughter, kept busy playing games with the local children, one favorite being football.

Along with serving at the mission, Dr. Todd and his family enjoyed many house to house visitations, which is a big part of MEI’s focus. With this full week of activities, Dr. Todd and his family served as a great MEI outreach to the Helene community.

Dr. Todd and his church, St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, located in Mifflintown, PA, partner and support our ministries on a regular basis.

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