Success Story – A Former Student Becomes a HCES Teacher Aid

This school year, Ryan Pouchie (turning 18 in July), has joined the HCES teachers team.

Our recent STM team from St. Stephen's Lutheran Church had an opportunity to meet up with Ryan and learn more about this impressive young man:



  • Mother: Sherry, works at the Mission cooking
  • Father: Raymac; works at Barberata as an engineer
  • Older brother and sister who live on the Island
  • Ryan credits his parents, especially his mother, for teaching him to be responsible, polite and respectful


  • Ryan has completed K-11th grade
  • Favorite class was reading
  • Favorite books to read when he was younger was anything written by Dr. Seuss because of the rhyming
  • Now he likes to read the Bible


  • Currently working as a Teacher Aide in the Kindergarten class in the Mission school
  • Ryan’s goal is to earn money so that he can assist with paying for his last year of high school
  • He will work as an aide this year, and then return to school down island until he is able to graduate
  • Ryan always helped with the younger kids in church so thought he would like to work in the Mission school

    Long-term Goals

  • Wants to be a lawyer (has a cousin going to law school and has talked to her about it)
  • Ryan would be the first person in his immediate family to go to college; this is important to him and knows his family would be proud of him
  • He is hoping to be able to earn a scholarship to help pay for law school
  • After law school would like to live on Santa Elena, but recognizes he will have to work in either Roatan or the mainland if he wants to practice law
  • Ryan would also like to go to the states to visit or maybe even work there for a few years


  • Ryan is proud of helping people
  • Makes a point of trying to always ask others if they need help
  • Ryan loves living on Santa Elena (Helene) and being close to his family
  • Ryan is extremely respectful, polite and well-mannered
    To support others like Ryan, now attending our school, thank you for your gracious donation:


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