Transforming Lives with our new Vocational Training Center

With the blessing of a recent large donation, we will be completing our new
Vocational Training Center (VTC) buiding and acquiring fans, tables chairs, dry erase board, and bathroom items to finish this project.

We have never seen such excitement around a project for the Community of Helene. People are always asking, “what is going to be taught there?” We answer stuff like: electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concrete work, tourism, customer service, food preparation, sewing, and the list goes on. When our Mayor Carson heard about this he said, “Now that is something I can really help with.” Honduras has month long pre-paid instructors for many vocational opportunities.

Our VTC building is 1,990 square feet. We have an upper and lower level. We plan to open the facility in August.

Jesus is honored as we labor together and experience learning from each other. When it comes to transforming lives, Jesus sees inherent value in every person. We are made in His image. His desire is for us all to enjoy work and labor, giving the worship of our lives to Jesus. When we experience God working through each other, we teach each other, and we see the beauty God has created in each of us. Community is built through this activity transforming us into His likeness.

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